We provide meals lodging and transportation to and from our hunting properties most importantly we provide extensive scouting and stand placement service.

Meals are prepared by my wife Angel. They consist of a cold breakfast (cereals, fruit and pastries) a sack lunch (sandwiches, chips, granola bars and assorted high calorie snacks) Dinner is a classic example of great mid-western home cooking, average weight gain has been 8 to 12 pounds per week!

Comfortable and spacious lodging provided in our 9500 sq. ft hunting lodge, amenities include private room, wireless internet service, laundry room, dining hall and recreation room!  Scent free hunting gear and storage area. Archery targets and practice range.

We use only the highest quality tree stands which include lock-on stands with climbing sticks that extend past the stand for easy transitions, we do not use screw in tree steps. Most of our lock on stands are placed at 18 to 25ft. We have a huge selection of ladder stands which are 17.5 to 22ft tall with extra wide seats and removable shooting rails.

All of our stands are clearly marked with glow sticks (reflective driveway markers) making finding your stand in the dark mornings an easy task. 

We will choose stand locations every day based on wind. It is our policy to have each client hunting specific whitetails, we do not hunt based on the hope of a shooter living on the farm! Each of our hunters will be hunting farms that we have located one or more shooter bucks by way of trail cam data or visual scouting confirmation! Come experience the "land of the giants" with Illinois Whitetails. If you have any questions regarding our hunting operation, please feel free to contact us.

HUNTING DATES & RATES: Check out our hunting dates and rates page for additional information --Click here.


Darrell Smith - Owner of Illinois Whitetails and 
The Hunting Connection LLC

54 Cedar Ct.
Dahinda, IL 61428

Phone: 309.267.9150