There is a place,
where the Spoon River flows,
where corn and soybean fields lay between stands
of timber and natural prairie that many have called:

It is here in West-Central Illinois that we invite you to experience the Illinois hunt of a lifetime.

We at Illinois Whitetails, want to be your provider of a quality whitetail hunt in Illinois. We are dedicated to quality management of our hunting property and encourage the harvest of only mature bucks. Additionally, we offer incentives for the harvest of does in order to keep a healthy buck to doe ratio. We recognize the downward turn of the “hunter mill” mentality that is unfortunately becoming a trend with many Illinois outfitters, so we actively work to ensure quality hunting for future generations. Low hunter numbers and a sound and solid management practice will ensure our success as well as yours. Our hunts are 100% wild fair chase hunts for free ranging corn fed Giants! 

  Average score past 3 seasons 156"

  Shot opportunity at a 140" or better 70%

  Largest buck harvested 200"

  5000 acres timber, CRP and row crops

  Corn, soybean, clover, alfalfa and brassica food plots

  Farms are only hunted during the rut and late winter


Darrell Smith - Owner of Illinois Whitetails and 
The Hunting Connection LLC

54 Cedar Ct.
Dahinda, IL 61428

Phone: 309.267.9150